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What Can You Sell With Voyij?

Voyij is an online marketplace that helps travelers buy products from local businesses on vacation. With Voyij you can book local tours and excursions and shop online from local stores.

Benefits of Working with Voyij

Hands on business help for tour operators and retails stores

Hands On E-Commerce Help

Whether you’re new to selling e-commerce or already have a website of your own, we’re here to help you grow online. From one-on-one coaching to advanced strategy sessions, our hands on approach takes the stress out of getting started. Get up and running in minutes and start selling online at right away with zero up-front cost or tech investment.

Global Audience Of Customers Ready To Buy

Access our growing audience of engaged travelers who visit each month looking to shop and book with businesses like yours. From social media outreach, email engagement, and SEO, to 24/7 phone and chat sales support and partnerships with major travel brands, we go the extra mile to highlight and celebrate your offerings to millions of our Alaskan visitors each year.

Best-In-Class Technology

We provide the technology behind the marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange online. As a tech company, we make considerable investments to improving’s software, design, and functionality each month. Benefit from our expertise and know-how and delight your customers with a best-in-class online shopping experience that is authentic and enjoyable.

Alaska’s Local Community

Join the only online e-commerce community of local Alaskan businesses, made by small business owners for small business owners. Our background is running family tour and retail businesses in Skagway and we know the unique challenges facing business owners today. We are passionate Alaskans that would be honored to partner with you to recommend and share your business with our online guests.

How It Works

  • Free, no cost to join
  • Quick payments
  • Easy setup
  • 24/7 customer support

Free to join

No cost, free to join, cancel anytime

Commission on sale, only if we sell something

We want to be fully aligned with your success, so it's a win-win. We succeed only when you succeed.

Professional, managed services, upon request

We offer additional services upon request. From product photography and new product on board to pricing strategy, shipping logistic and every thing in between. We are here to help you grow your online business.

Seller Stories

Hear stories from our sellers about how Voyij has made a difference in their lives.

My experience with Voyij has been excellent so far. Voyij team takes an active interest in helping their sellers improve with every sale. I get a lot of suggestions through Voyij's seller portals, and key insights on how to sell my product well. They tell me what in my inventory is in demand and how I can better gratify that customer demand.

Lynch & Kennedy Dry Goods in Skagway, Alaska

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the below list of commonly asked questions

What happens after an order gets placed?

After an order comes through (and we all celebrate!) you’ll get an automatic email with the order confirmation number, items purchased, and customer details. The next step is to pack the order, drop in the mail, and upload the tracking # into your account’s sellers dashboard. This will automatically send the customer an email with the good news that the order is on its way, and once the package is successfully delivered, the order will be marked as complete and the payment process will be initiated.

How do I get paid?

For retail orders, after an order is shipped and delivered and a tracking # is added to your sellers dashboard (you’ll need this to get paid) and for tour bookings, after a tour activity is concluded and a confirmation code is added to your sellers dashboard (you’ll need this to get paid) the order / booking will be marked as complete and payment will be sent to the address on file.

Do you have any API integrations with tour booking software systems?

Yes! For FareHarbor businesses, it’s really easy to get setup with us as we have an API that connects directly into your account and pulls over tour calendar / availability to in real time. For all other tour partners, please check-back soon as we are working on additional API integrations.

What should I charge for shipping?

Because customers on buy from multiple businesses at one time, our highest recommendation is to offer customers FREE US shipping by including the cost of shipping directly into the retail price. This will allow you to capture the most sales and not lose customers, many who have come to expect free shipping when online shopping. In some cases, it may be essential to charge shipping for an item (large / bulky items, seafood, etc.) and you can do that when first adding the product to the site.

How about international shipping?

About 25% of orders are international and we do encourage you to consider fulfilling international orders. Typically, a customer will reach out if interested in a purchase and we will help generate a shipping quote based on the items selected. Customs / duties are paid by the customer after the package arrives in-country.

I am a tour operator but I also sell retail, can I sell both through you?

Yes! As a tour operator, you also have the opportunity to list any retail merch you sell, and you can manage both tour and retail items directly in your sellers dashboard.

Who sets the retail price?

We leave final pricing up to you; however, we do ask that the price for any tour or retail item listed on is the same or at least not greater than the price of any tour or retail item listed on your own website. With your name and logo easily visible across the site, this ensures a consistent and positive customer experience across all channels.

Do you have any insurance requirements?

For tour operators, we do have minimum insurance requirements; please refer to our supplier agreement for additional instruction.

Are there items we’re not allowed to sell?

We use Stripe as our CC payment gateway and they have restrictions on the types of items we can process. We are not able to list certain product-types for sale and please reach out if you have any questions.

How does tax work?

Sellers are responsible for collecting and remitting any sales taxed owed. As a general rule, please add any sales tax you would like to collect from the customer in the final retail or tour price.

What’s the best way to be successful selling through the site?

In our experience, sellers with a larger product selection outsell sellers with a limited selection. This is because each product has a unique URL that Google can crawl and provides more opportunities for customers to find you via Google search.

What’s the refund/cancellation policy?

We honor your refund/cancellation policy and publicly showcase this policy with all buyers of your products.

What if I go out-of-stock of an item?

No problem, just mark it as "in-active” or bring the quantity to 0 in the sellers dashboard; if the item comes back in-stock, you can move back to "active” and increase the inventory quantity to > 0.

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Currently serving 150+ tour & retail businesses offering 10,000 items for sale in 15 Alaskan markets.

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