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By Brecht Studio

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From Kantishna Gallery,
Denali, AK



16 oz Sandcarved Mug

Enjoy your favorite hot beverage with a unique sandcarved mug. The colorful, rustic mugs have a wide stable base. Glazes are hand sprayed, resulting in a one-of-a- kind appeal.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

About the Studio:
Long-time Alaskan Artist  Connie Engelbrecht will be featuring many one-of-a-kind pieces in our gallery. Partnered with her son Justin, the team works in collaboration to create unique functional art.

About the Artist: Connie Engelbrecht
Originally a Land Planner for the Department of Natural Resources for the State of Alaska, Engelbrecht worked on plans, typed documents, and even gained her master’s degree in Natural Resource Management during her seven-year job. But she became dissatisfied with her work and quit, deciding to pursue artistic venues instead.

In the beginning, Engelbrecht did stained glass that incorporated dried flowers. But she soon realized the equipment needed to do stained glass could hurt her down the road and decided to go with sandblasting instead. Engelbrecht took a few classes at UAA, but for the most part, she essentially taught herself.

Unlike the customary glassware, most of her craft is done on Italian tile and porcelain in the form of mugs, trivets, and ornamental decorations. The depressions in the tiles are caused by a hard blast of aluminum oxide grit, which is then filled with different colored glazes and fired in the kiln. She mixes her own glazes (a trial and error process, she said), takes walks out in nature to glean inspiration, and still gets excited when she opens the kiln.

Her pieces are both practical and artistic. The handmade products she creates feature stylized designs of nature, inspired by a life of work and play live on a wooded acre in Eagle River Valley rimmed by the Chugach Mountains.

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