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Did you know that Skagway, Alaska has a really fun disc golf course? If you're looking to hang out with locals, spend the day playing disc golf away from the crowds at Seven Pastures and make sure to buy this popular Westside disc golf disc designed by Joe, a local Skagway artist who works at The Mountain Shop.

Westside provides a full lineup of premium golf discs.

The Queen is a high-speed, distance driver made of durable, premium plastic with an understable pull upon release and a gentle fade at the end of flight. It is designed to be a user-friendly driver even for players without a lot of experience.

The World is a new distance driver mold and design. This disc is designed to sail and has impressive glide. It is very overstable, a good disc for advanced play.

The Warship is a versatile straight-flying mid-range driver that can go the distance; however it is fast enough to be classified as a fairway driver. When thrown with power, the Warship has a small degree of high-speed turn followed by minimal low-speed fade. It's speed is classified as a 6 and is a good disc for all levels.

The Harp is an overstable putt and approach disc with an ultra flat top that was released in 2014. This putter is also utilized for straight drives with a bite at the end of flight. The Harp is one of the primary approach discs used by Ricky Wysocki.

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