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By Ekemo Studios

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From Corrington's Alaskan Ivory,
Skagway, AK



This Cribbage Board was carved at Ekemo Studios in Eagle River, AK. The Walrus is carved from a Fossilized Walrus Jawbone.

Fossil Walrus Jaw Bone
Carving bone from the sea mammals is an ancient art in Alaska. We know from archeological finds, that thousands of years ago, Alaska’s aboriginal people made most of their tools and weapons from bone and ivory. Many items were made for special ceremonies, decorated to depict the world they lived in. Today Alaskan carvers still use bone as a medium for their art forms.
Buried articles, from native subsistence hunts and natural death, the bone from walruses which lived as long ago as pre- ice age, frozen and buried in many cases for thousands of years, are collected to be hand carved at Ekemo Studios into collector quality pieces.
Due to mineral absorption and the significant age of these old materials, there is a soft subtle coloring from browns to a light cream beig inherent, and unique to each piece.

Ekemo Studios uses no materials from animals currently being hunted , all materials are pre-act materials to which the Marine Mammal Protection Act does not apply. (Retroactive affect) Sec 102e.
Ekemo Studios walrus bone carvings are hand made in Alaska and signed by Alaskan Artists.