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By Ropes Baseball Apparel

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From The Iditarod,
Wasilla, AK


The Iditarod,
2100 S. Knik-Goose Bay Road, Wasilla, AK



Enjoy this custom raised 3D MUSH embroidered hat for all the fast movers in your life!

Traditionally, ‘Mush!’ was considered to be a phrase used to get a dog team moving forward. Other similar words are: Hike! Let’s go! or a whistle or vocal sound – are commands to start the team. Mushers don’t really need to say anything to the team to get them to go, when they feel the pull (release) of the sled hook or whatever is holding them in place, they are off and running. Mush is some times also used as a general term to mean – moving forward.

Featuring embroidered 50th anniversary logo label on side of hat


*Classic Fit
*Poly heather front
*Birdseye mesh back & under visor
*Velcro closure