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By Star of Alaska

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From Lynch & Kennedy,
Skagway, AK



Enjoy this authentic handcrafted Star of Alaska covellite whale tail pendant. Our exclusive covellite with veins of gold pyrite is mined in the Kennicott Mines in the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain Range, now a National Park & Preserve. It is some of the highest grade covellite found in the world. One-of-a-kind. Includes a certificate of authenticity.


All pieces of covellite are hand cut to fit the jewelry design then properly shined using 6 different jewelry polishing wheels. Because covellite found in nature is rare and one-of-a-kind you will receive the product pictured with very slight variations in veining. All jewelry is backed by the manufacturer.

If this item is not in stock our jeweler will make it in 4-6 weeks and ship it straight to your door.




Star of Alaska Guide

The Star of Alaska’s beauty reflects its local lineage and is fully indigenous from "the last frontier." It is a gem-quality stone, originally mined at the historic Kennecott Mine, once owned by J.P. Morgan and the Guggenheim family and located in the remote wilderness of the Wrangell-St. Elias mountain range. Rosemary Libert through her Star of Alaska line has taken these gems and transformed them into exquisite pieces with rich Alaskan ancestry.

This gem quality material is not commercially mined in Alaska and is increasingly rare, difficult to find, and highly sought after by gem collectors. The production from the Kennecott Mine is considered the finest quality Star of Alaska in the world because it was found in large, pure, massive pieces. The mine, which opened in 1906, closed permanently in 1938, making the gems scarce. For years, the stones for the original pieces were in a private estate. Rosemary continues to work with Alaskan rock and mineral collectors to source this amazing mineral.

For those looking for a piece of jewelry that beautifully captures the wonders of the wide open Alaskan skiy and expansive wilderness, the Star of Alaska is perfect: intense beauty, rare quality, and locally sourced.

Look for the registered *A* stamp on the back of each fine piece, your assurance of authentic Star of Alaska fine jewelry.

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