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By Dragonfly Dad

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From Dragonfly Dad,
Fairbanks, AK



2-inch survival cord dragonfly.
Can be used as a zipper pull, keychain, backpack dangle, baggage tag, package tag or ornament.

Best serves as a small zipper pull or charm. Especially for children's winter gear so they can zip without having to remove their gloves.

Because of their size, this dragonfly is only offered in our small diameter survival cord.
Braided 1/16" utility cord rated at 100 Lbs. or 275 3/32" tactical cord rated at 275 Lbs.

A dragonfly to inspire you … and carry your stuff.
These dragonflies symbolize the resiliency of life in Alaska, plus it’s just plain fun!
If you tug on its wings a little, it might wiggle and adjust--but it will still go back to its original shape.
I’m was a stay-at-home dad and love to teach my children about life; in turn, they teach me what life is all about. They love dragonflies and help me make these keychains -- a learning process for both of us.

Here’s hoping these dragonflies inspire you to be flexible and adaptable no matter what the situation!

Crafted in Alaska with Made in USA materials.

Veteran-owned and family operated.