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Gateway To The Klondike

Nestled deep in the Coast Mountains at the northern terminus of the Inside Passage and Lynn Canal, Skagway is a small, historic town that offers history, charm, and an outdoor lover's paradise!
When you visit Skagway you are entering a beautiful National Park, the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, established in 1976 to commemorate the great events of the gold rush of 1898 where 100,000 aspiring miners traveled by steamship and embarked on a treacherous journey North from Skagway to the goldfields in Dawson City, Canada.
Skagway is located just miles from the Canadian border. One of only a few Alaskan cities connected to the outside world by road, you can drive the Klondike Highway into the stunning Canadian Yukon Territories, one of the most beautiful drives in the world with lush mountainous vegetation of the Boreal Forest, lakes, and wildlife including mountain goats, swans, and grizzly bears!
While Skagway may not look like much from a distance, the city with population 800 offers a true variety of activities for all ages and interests, whether you are looking to roll out of bed and hike to a remote glacier, ride the historic White Pass & Yukon Railroad, hike the Chilkoot Trail, raft down the Taiya River in neighboring Dyea, or relax at one of our several local breweries, Skagway is a sure trip highlight!

Skagway Shopping

The heart of Skagway's downtown shopping district is a small walkable area of Broadway St. running the length of the street from approximately 1st Ave to 7th Ave. The shopping district is reminiscent of gold rush times with elevated wooden boardwalks and many of the buildings are fully restored to historical perfection by the National Park Service. 
A town of historic charm and character, shopping in Skagway is fun (even relaxing!) and a must-do activity for those looking for quality gifts, art, and local finds.

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Skagway Activities

Skagway may look like a small town but there is a surprising variety of things to do for all activity levels and interests!
Whether you are planning a multi-day hike on the breathtaking and challenging Chilkoot Trail, an afternoon swim on a hot day at Lower Dewey Lake, or a stroll through town during a history-filled National Park Service free walking tour, we are sure Skagway will become one of your favorite stops on your Alaskan trip.

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Skagway Restaurants

While Skagway is small, it is not to be underestimated when it comes to eating out! All restaurants are within walking distance of downtown.
Whether you have your eyes set on trying the melt-in-your-mouth Alaskan king crab legs, enjoying a peaceful outdoor meal at one of Southeast Alaska's only culinary outdoor garden restaurants, or relaxing with a craft beer drink at a local brewery, Skagway has you covered.

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About Skagway

Skagway is a charming town with a storied past. Learn about life during the gold rush, where Skagway boasted more than 80 saloons. See historic buildings like the iconic onion-domed Golden North Hotel or the Moore Homestead, built by the founder of Skagway, Captain William Moore.
Present-day Skagway offers fun day hikes with views of remote glaciers, playful dog sledding with professional sled dog teams, and relaxing rafting rides down the Taiya River.

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