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Sightseeing • Sitka • Duration 3.0 Hr

Sitka Sightseeing Tour

Offered By Annahootz Alaskan Adventures In Sitka, AK

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Per Person : $130.00
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About us

Jim Phillips, Alaskan registered guide, shares his local knowledge gained through over 45 years of hunting, hiking, camping,  and fishing in Southeast Alaska.  Hold your breath in awe as the morning sunrise picks the colors out of a bear's fur as he walks along the water's edge.  

Watch, hidden, as a mountain goat nimbly picks its way across a rocky slope.  On our guided Alaskan hunting, fishing and sightseeing excursions on our 29' Olympic Cruiser with heated cabin, you will experience an Alaska that can't be seen from a cruise liner or a plane.

There is nothing to compare with our overnight camping trips, where early mornings can find you snuggled down with a cup of hot coffee, while watching deer tiptoe through the forest in search of delicate grass and flowers for their morning breakfast.  These experiences and more await you on your Annahootz Alaskan Adventure.  

I am a registered guide with the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game and a longtime resident of Sitka. I grew up in a commercial fishing family. Our regular hunting and fishing trips, in addition to feeding our family, gave me the opportunity to experience the beauty of Alaska's wilderness, instilling in me, even as a child, a love and respect for the beauty found here. As a registered guide, through my hunting and guide business, I have the opportunity to share this with friends from all over the world.

With over 45 years hunting, hiking, camping, and fishing in Southeast Alaska, I will put my local knowledge to work making your excursion into Alaska's breathtaking wilderness both safe and memorable. I have the knowledge, the experience and the enthusiasm to guide you on the trip of a lifetime.

What we'll do

Join us on our 29-foot Olympic Cruiser with heated cabin while we explore the waters of Southeast Alaska and the Tongass National Forest and get up-close and personal with wildlife such as bears, whales, otters and much more!  

Annahootz Alaskan Adventures offers guided photo and wildlife tours for people of all ages. Visit the vast wildness of the Inside Passage: humpback whales feed on herring and krill, bald eagles glide in search of a fish feast, 1,000 pounds Alaska brown bears are king of the tidal flats.  

As a lifetime resident of Sitka, I have the local knowledge to enable you to have a safe once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and the local knowledge and experience to make your journey exciting and memorable.

What to expect / what's provided

*Duration: 3 hours

*Capacity: 2 people minimum; 6 people maximum

*29-foot Olympic cruiser

*Please note, morning departures begin between 8:30-9am returning between 11:30-1pm and afternoon departures begin between 1-2pm returning between 4-6pm

*Cruise ship guests generally need to book a morning departure to fit the cruise schedule so please confirm your ships arrival and departure time from Sitka before booking an afternoon departure

*Some of Sitka's best whale watching opportunities are during the fall months between September and December so if you are visiting Sitka after the high tourist season, don't hesitate to hop on my boat, it could be the trip of a lifetime!

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