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By Abby’s Reflection Apparel & Quiltworks

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SALMONBERRY RAVEN KIT, The Raven sits in a salmonberry bush and dines on bright, shiny salmonberries. The red berries have caught his eye and he will eat many before his flock discovers his cache.
This is the nature of the raven and Sitka quilt artist Chris Davison’s fusible wall hanging depicts his beauty and graceful form.
This beginning quilter project is suitable for all quilters and even the very young can enjoy success in this creation.
Salmonberry Raven is a fusible web project. You trace, cut and iron.
The quilt kit features fabrics exactly as pictured and includes backing, pattern and red Swarovski crystals to bling the berries as well.
Measures 27″ x 28″ as a finished quilt.