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By Orocal Gold Nugget Co.

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From Lynch & Kennedy,
Skagway, AK



Enjoythis authentic hand crafted gold nugget ladies ring. Handcrafted in 14 karat gold with natural gold nuggets. Proudly made inthe USA by Orocal Natural Gold Company. One-of-a-kind. Includes acertificate of authenticity.



Eachnugget is hand inlaid like a puzzle and soldered in by our masterjewelers, which is very labor intensive. Becausegold nuggets found in nature are rare and one-of-a-kind you willreceive the product pictured with very slight variations in nuggetshape. All jewelry is backed by the manufacturer. 
If this item is not in stock ourjeweler will make it in 4-6 weeks and ship it straight to your door.

GoldNugget Guide

Whatis a natural gold nugget? Itis a piece of gold that broke out of quartz deposits within the earthwhen erosion took place. It also goes by the name placer gold andeach piece is a one of a kind with no two being exactly alike.

Wherecan gold nuggets be found? Whereverthe effects of erosion took place. That would include rivers,streams, ancient dried up river channels and underground riverbeds.

Howpure are they? Goldnuggets range from 65 to 95 fine 16-23KT gold and can have othermineral content such as silver and copper mixed in with it.

Whatsizes do they come in? Goldnuggets come in all sizes, the smaller one range in sizes from 1millimeter up to 6 and is often referred to as flakes. Bigger flakesare called nuggets and have been found as large as 2500 ouncesalthough almost all nuggets bigger than 300 ounces were melted.

Howare gold nuggets found? Theycan be found in rivers and streams using a gold pan or suctiondredges that act like an underground vacuum cleaner. Largeroperations use large machinery that dig up huge sections of dirtweighing several tons and run it through machines that separate thegold from the dirt. Nuggets are also found using a metal detector.

Howare they weighed? Theyare weighed by the troy ounces. 12 ounces = one pound which differsfrom weight which is 16 ounces to the pound. The troy ounces arebroke up into 20-penny weight to the ounces and use the symbol DWT orby the grams which has 31.1 to the ounces. The larger the nugget themore rare and valuable they are. A one-ounce nugget is now consideredas rare as a five-carat diamond. (How many of those do you own?)

Whyare some real bright and others dull? Becauseit was formed underground in quartz deposit you often find quartzmixed in with it. When they broke off into the rivers and streamsthey tumbled against the sand and gravel, which gave the nuggets,it’s texture but dulled it. They can be cleaned in differentsolutions, and then tumbled in different media to give it the shine.

Whereare your gold nuggets found? Allof our gold nuggets under 4 grams come from two main sources. One islocated near Dawson in the Yukon Territory. The second is Atlin, BCCanada about 50 miles as the crow flies from Skagway, Alaska. Skagwaywas where the miners of the 1898 Klondike gold rush traveled throughto reach the gold fields. This is the reason we describe them asAlaskan Yukon BC nuggets, genuine, natural gold nuggets.

Allof our gold nuggets are natural, genuine, and authentic as found innature. Not all gold nuggets are natural, some people man-make themby taking smaller gold flakes melting them and casting them into theshape of a nugget. Make sure to ask if they are genuine natural goldnuggets as found by the miners and come with a certificate ofauthenticity



KaratDefinition and Guide

Karatvalues range from 24K down to 9k. The gold content on anything 8k orless is so low that it wouldn't be considered solid gold jewelry.

Technicallyyou should never depend solely on a gold hallmark to determine goldvalue. Some people will illegally mark plated gold with 14K goldstampings to try to sell for a profit.

Rangesof Karat Values

  • 24 karat (24K) gold is pure gold

  • 18 karat (18K) gold contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal or metals, making it 75% gold

  • 14 karat (14K) gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts another metal or metals, making it 58.3% gold

  • 10 karat (10K) gold contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts another metal or metals, making it 41.7% gold. 10k gold is the minimum karat designation that can still be called gold in the US


Karatvs. Carat

Theterm carat, spelled with a "c," is often confused with theterm karat. They are both pronounced the same, but carat refers tothe weight of a gemstone. You could have a 1.5 carat diamond setin an 18 karat gold setting.

Thekarat system is used to measure the amount of pure gold found insolid gold jewelry. In the US, numbers are associated with thepercentage of pure gold in a piece.

SolidGold vs. Pure Gold

Thephrase "solid gold jewelry" is a misnomer because, mosttimes, this jewelry is not made up of solid gold. This termreferences jewelry that has a gold alloy throughout the entire piece.

Onthe other hand, the phrase "pure gold jewelry" is used todescribe jewelry that is made up entirely of gold with little to noalloys present.

Howa Gold Alloy is Formed

Aportion of the gold is mixed with different alloys or metals, whichcreates a specific formula. Each gold color, like white gold or rosegold, uses a different combination of alloys.

KaratUsed in Costume Jewelry

Theterm karat is also used on gold filled and gold plated jewelry.Even though these pieces are not solid gold, the gold portion of thejewelry has a certain percentage of pure gold designated throughkarats.

ExpertTip: If your piece of jewelry is marked 14KGF or 10KGF, that is acommon indication that the item is gold filled and is not solid gold.However, the marking 14KP or 14KP does not necessarily mean goldplated. It also can stand for 14K gold plumb, which is solid gold.

Ifyour piece of jewelry has a P in the marking, be sure to have thegold tested.

Thesevalues are primarily used on gold from the Unites States. You willsee a lot of 22k gold and 9k gold in other countries. Gold jewelryfrom other countries may have an entirely different set of goldmarking.

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