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By Alaska Eagle Arts

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We proudly introduce the third in a series of four blankets designed by co-artist, Marvin Oliver.
Measures 64 inches wide x 80 inches high. 
This original blanket design is woven by Pendleton Woolen Mills and titled "Orca". This multicolored blanket reflects the majestic power of the Orca, a Pacific Northwest water mammal integral to the tribes of the Northwest Coast. We honor and celebrate the Orcas in their home waters of the Pacific Northwest, where they are known as a sign of good luck. The colorful Orca, with Raven as its dorsal fin, swims through the deep waters of the Pacific, catching the light of the sun along its journey.
Viewing the blanket from bottom to top, the salmon, a vital resource for the Orca, swim in the deep blue waters of the ocean. The formline design Orca makes the yearly journey towards its home, where the forests and blue skies of the Pacific Northwest are represented in the top band.
The Pendleton Woolen Mills has been producing First Nations designed blankets since 1912.
Unapped. Made in the USA. Dry Clean only. 82% pure virgin wool and 18% cotton.

Exclusive design.
About Marvin E. Oliver (1946-2019)
Marvin Oliver is one of the Northwest Coast’s foremost contemporary Native American (Quinault/Isleta-Pueblo) sculptors and printmakers, who has made strides in the art world for the development and recognition of Native American Contemporary Fine Art.  "My works are formulated by merging the spirit of past traditions with those of the present… to create new horizons for the future”

Oliver’s career spanned over 45 years, working in a wide range of media, including carvings and sculpture, printmaking, blown glass art, and large-scale public artwork installations.  He became renowned for the grand size of his sculptures such as the 26 foot long suspended steel and glass piece ‘Mystical Journey’ at the Seattle Children’s hospital. Oliver’s monumental public works have been installed throughout the state of Washington and the United States, Canada, Japan and Italy.

Pendleton Care
Basic Wool Care - Proper care will ensure years of wear for your Pendleton blankets and clothes. But because wool is naturally stain, odor and wrinkle-resistant it's low maintenance. Minor wrinkles disappear when a garment is hung, and 24 hours usually restores a smooth appearance. And there's no need to clean a garment every time you wear it. Just brush with a lint brush and air out between wearings.
Wool Blanket Care - Dry cleaning is the best way to maintain your blanket. Even with the mildest washing methods blankets will lose 3"-6" in length. And shrinkage could increase with successive launderings. Also, blankets may become stiff and dense, permanently changing the soft hand and smooth appearance. So unless a blanket specifically states "washable" please dry clean only.

Preventing Moth Damage - Moth damage typically occurs during storage or when wool garments aren’t worn regularly. Clothes moths, which are small and buff-colored, choose dark, quiet places to lay eggs and their larvae feed on wool. Here are several easy ways to help prevent that damage:

1. Brush your blankets or the wool clothes in your active wardrobe regularly with a lint or nylon-bristled clothes brush.

2. Clean wool articles before storing. Soiled wools (even those with invisible body oils) are more likely to attract moths.

3. After cleaning, store wools in an airtight bag or container.

4. Mothballs and crystals are very effective. However, cedar and herbal products have limited effectiveness.