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By Ekemo Studios

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From Corrington's Alaskan Ivory,
Skagway, AK



This Billiken was carved from Moose Antler by Charles Oakley at Ekemo Studios in Eagle River, AK.

Dimensions: 3" h

To buy a Billiken is said to give the purchaser luck, but to receive one as a gift would be better luck.

“Rub my tummy,
Tickle My toes,
You’ll get good luck
As the story goes.”

Due to the nature of the Moose Antler, each Billiken will vary in looks. There can be variations in size, shape, and color.

About Ekemo Studios:
Ekemo attended the Alaska Methodist University and the University of Alaska from 1968 to 1972. In 1972 Ekemo started Ekemo Studios, doing sculpting and carvings in ivory stone and fossil bone. In 1976 Ekemo moved to Seattle and was a partner in North Coast Trading Co. With a larger staff and as many as thirty diverse artists and craft persons, Ekemo experimented with many different media. Eventually moving back to Anchorage and in 1990 moved Ekemo Studios to Eagle River Alaska.

Ekemo Studios sculptures and carvings have been collected by many notable personalities and collectors from around the world. All of the artists are Alaskan Artists. Each piece is made by hand. Over 40 years of carving & Sculpture excellence in Alaska

About Charles Oakley:
Chaz grew up on a homestead in Ninilchik, Alaska. He attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design and was an apprentice for Professor Al Wadzenskie, a known bronze sculptor. Chaz is currently producing work in Bone and Stone.  Chaz likes to pan for gold and does spray-can art at fairs and festivals around Alaska.