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Offered By Seawind Aviation In Ketchikan, AK

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About us

SeaWind Aviation is a family operation committed to providing the finest of Alaska, including flight seeing in the Misty Fjords, viewing wildlife on a bear viewing tour, fishing or enjoying crab feasts, or by simply embarking on an air charter in the Southeast Alaska panhandle.

Our Alaska based business was founded on experience and knowledge that dates back through generations of seaplane and floatplane adventures.  Seawind Aviation has been a top rated tour operator since inception and we invite you to experience the difference of our airline in Ketchikan.

What we'll do

Southeast Alaska’s Misty Fjords National Monument is just a short flight from Ketchikan, allowing you unbeatable access to this pristine wilderness area via seaplane.

Soar above this majestic work of nature with a unique personalized tour from the air. 3,000 foot granite walls that are fractured by time and scoured by glaciers thousands of years ago, plunge thousands of feet into deep fjords. The misted mountains lift snowfields and wildflowers above the tree line. Waterfalls cascade out of rock clefts and disappear into the forest slopes. The lush mountaintops covered with ancient green trees clinging to the steep slopes while high valleys cradle picturesque lakes.

Just when you think you have hit the peak of your experience, your floatplane will touchdown on a salt water fjord or mountain lake and feel the colossal beauty with all of your senses.

Book a Misty Fjords tour today for a sightseeing experience like no other!

What to expect / what's provided

*Duration: 1.5 hours with a 20-minute shore stop in the Monument to be able to get out and stretch your legs, take pictures, and breathe in the fresh air

*Every passenger has a window seat

*Enjoy the cascading waterfalls pouring from misty mountains

*Once in a lifetime photo opportunities await in this pristine untouched wilderness

*Personalized narration only - no recorded tracks

*2-way communication headsets to allow conversation with the pilot and passengers

*Wildlife sightings are possible and can often be seen in the area

*Every flight is unique; your pilot will make a decision on where to land based on weather, wildlife and accessibility

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