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By Dorene Lorenz

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From Dorene Lorenz Home,
Anchorage, AK



Alaska’s first representative in the Miss America contest was Helmericks Lieberman. The 24-year-old Swedish immigrants competed twice representing Alaska but were disqualified from the 1923 pageant because she was married, even though there was no eligibility rule demanding that women be single.

Miss Alaska aka The Arctic Venus was a model of the Jazz age with her tanned skin, muscular physique, and love of sports of all kinds. She was arrested at an Atlantic City beach for “exceeding the properties of modesty” while wearing the exact same bathing suit she had competed in on-stage. Original pop art by Dorene Lorenz.

This design is part of the Dorene Lorenz Authentic Alaskana collection which celebrates the Golden Age of Travel featuring timeless images from hand-painted postcards curated in her exclusive personal collection of family heirlooms.

Hand-cut to a generous 57” x 71”, this hand-stitched beach towel is made from a highly absorbent and quick-drying combination of microfiber and cotton toweling.

The detailed design is printed on the microfiber face of the towel using dye sublimation. This process fuses the ink to the top layer of the fibers resulting in a strong colorful and detailed binding.

Designer Bath Towel:
- Soft microfiber face
- Absorbent cotton toweling back
- 55% poly 45% cotton
- Quick-drying and highly absorbent
- Handmade to order

Care Instructions:
- Wash at 86°F
- Low tumble dry heat
- Hang to dry
- Do not wring
- Low heat iron