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By Tongass Trading Company

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From Tongass Trading,
Ketchikan, AK


Tongass Trading,
201 Dock Street, Ketchikan, AK



Are you looking for REAL Alaskan fashion? Then look no further than this every so popular halibut jacket!

Made of an 80/20 wool and nylon blend, this jacket is legendary!

What is a halibut jacket?
Halibut jackets are a popular utility or outercoat in Alaska, most commonly seen in Southeast Alaska. Distinguished by its cloth, which is almost herringbone in pattern and a dominant color with a backing of black giving the jackets a heathered look, these jackets are a must-wear in most coastal Alaskan communities.

It’s a singularly useful coat in our rainy climate. The wool keeps you warm when it’s cold, and cool (within limits) when it’s warm. Like all wool garments, it insulates even when very wet. Its tight weave makes it fairly wind-resistant. As an outer layer (and for us, layering is high fashion) it’s useful in most weather conditions. And, like a good tweed sport coat, it provides a tolerably wide range of dress up or down options depending on the occasion.

Southeast Alaskans wear it as a coat, and when we ask for it, we call it a “halibut jacket.”

*Button-up, heavy wool and nylon, collared, cape-yolked.