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Eco-Conscious • Sitka • Duration 6.0 Hr

Marine Debris Cleanup

Offered By Sitka Wildlife Adventures In Sitka, AK

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About us

Captain Davey Lubin is a USCG licensed 100 ton master with 40 years of experience on the waters, beaches, and wildlands of Southeast Alaska. He holds a BS in forest sciences and is a certified Alaska biology teacher. He fished commercially for ten years, worked as a fisheries biologist and a US Forest Service botanist. He has been teaching Alaska natural history since 1986. Davey has served on the Alaska state trails board, the SEAtrails (Southeast Alaska Trail System) board and Sitka Whalefest board.

Currently, Davey is working towards a master’s degree in mental health counseling. He plans to "infuse the healing nature of nature!” into his professional practice. He loves to subsistence hunt, fish, gather and garden. He has SCUBA dived extensively in Southeast Alaska and kayaked thousands of miles along the north Pacific coast. Natural history and boating are not only his professions, but they are also his passions.

Davey lives happily on the shore of beautiful Sitka with his wife (executive director of Sitka Sound Science Center), two daughters, and ocean-going poodle.

What we'll do

Ever since the devastating tsunami in 2011, in Japan, Sitka Wildlife Adventures has worked closely with Sitka Sound Science Center and local volunteers to clean local wilderness beaches. This is a monumental task...Sections of coastline that are more exposed to winds and seas tend to accumulate more debris and tend to re-accumulate debris at faster rates. Of course, highly exposed coastline is much more difficult to access than calm shores and inlets!

By some accounts there will be more plastic than fish, in the seas, by 2050. Humans really have to change their behavior!

This is an exciting day where you will be immersed in the Sitka waters. In addition to a narrated tour of Sitka and the surrounding area by a highly knowledgeable local guide, your work will support the local environment and ecosystem through impactful efforts to clean debris off the coastline.

Begin the day on the boat. After a brief tour of Sitka and a full debrief by your guide, your work begins! It's hard to know what we will find on any given day, and that is part of the fun of it! We may spend our time on remote beaches cleaning up small debris and if you're lucky, we may encounter larger items like rubber tires, large fishnets, or even heavy equipment!

While a hard day's work, this is truly a rewarding day; not only will you spend your time in Sitka reveling in the beautiful scenery away from the hustle and bustle of town, but you will also be contributing to essential volunteer work to keep our planet and our oceans clean.

And who knows, you may find something valuable! One man's trash is another mans treasure!

The work of removing debris is challenging, very physical and can be dangerous; for active groups only.

What to expect / what's provided

*Duration: 6 hours

*Private boat of up to 6 passengers

*In most cases, we accommodate a maximum of six passengers/trip.  However, in some instances, if your party has more than six passengers, we may be able to arrange for multiple vessels to travel simultaneously, in tandem 

*Please call 513-512-5946 to confirm your groups specific departure time and availability