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By Alpine Fit Co

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From Alpine Fit,
Anchorage, AK


Alpine Fit,
700 W 41st Ave, Ste B, Anchorage, AK



Perfect for layering or on its own, designed with both comfort and functionality in mind, the Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve is your year-round go to base layer. It is equally useful as your sole long sleeve on a backpacking trip in the mountains, to being your quick dry base layer on cold winter expeditions. The odor resistance is helpful for travel and extended trips - or multiple after work skis between washes!

Great for hiking, biking, running, skiing, camping, packrafting, hunting and any outdoor activity!

Silver fiber is blended into our fabric for odor control.

This is an official Made in Alaska product! Our products are made by us in our Anchorage, Alaska workshop.

Made in Alaska, Made in USA

Our Sterling™ fabric contains antimicrobial silver fibers, so you can wear it multiple times between washes without building up odor. This luxurious fabric is also quick drying and cottony soft to the touch, so it can be worn all day for outdoor fitness, recreation and comfort!

We offer fit options! Wild Iris for a more straight/square frame shape. Azalea for a curvier shape. These fit options are not "relaxed fit" and "athletic fit" - they are actually designed to fit and flatter different body proportions to give options for the diverse body shapes of the outdoor loving community.

83% Polyester
9% XT2® Polyester
8% Lycra® Spandex
contains silver

Weight: 5 oz (size M)

About Alpine Fit Co
We are a group of outdoor loving, hard workers, committed to values and products in line with our vision for life. We welcome you to thrive outside. We offer fits for different body proportions, technical odor resistant fabrics to keep your clothes fresher for longer adventures, and we believe in sourcing responsibly and production in the U.S.A. From design to field testing in Alaska - our products are built for the outdoors, and wherever your daily or multi-week adventure takes you. We are proud to offer products that are certified Made In Alaska.

About Founder Jennifer Loofbourrow
Jen has worked her way through various parts of the outdoor and apparel industries from materials developer at lululemon in Vancouver, to lingerie and swimwear retail store owner in Ireland, to wholesale and operations manager at Swedish women's brand Skhoop in Anchorage, Alaska. Her experience in the industry and the outdoors in the backcountry of Canada and Alaska has given her an appreciation for good-fitting technical apparel that is comfortable for all day wear. She draws together these passions in Alpine Fit to develop fits for different body proportions based on more than the usual singular fit model, made with special anti-odor fabrics that work with you on your adventures for days on end. She is out there testing her products on the trails and hopes to see you out there!