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Offered By Historic Skagway Inn In Skagway, AK

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Admission : $79.00
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About us

You're headed to the Historic Skagway Inn, located on Paradise Alley. The establishment was famous, or perhaps infamous, for being the largest brothel in Skagway during the Gold Rush era. Just outside its doors, prospector JD Stewart was robbed of his gold takings (today's equivalent to $77,000,) ­ a lesson for braggarts everywhere.

The Inn is the perfect backdrop for this highly entertaining, hands-on experience that makes you feel as if you've stepped back in time.

Enter the saloon dining room to meet costumed characters from the past. They'll treat you to a colorful rendition of their own 'biographies', as well as stories and songs from the Gold Rush.

What we'll do

Travel back to those bygone days and experience life in a Gold Rush saloon. The Legends and Lies Gold Rush Saloon Experience takes you back in time to the wilds of Alaska circa 1897. The Klondike Gold Rush was going full fury with more than 100,000 stampeders on their way North to find gold and glory.

The saloon was a vital part of life for the stampeder, the place to get news, make deals, play cards, and find companionship. Skagway boasted 80 saloons in a town only 10 blocks long. Skagway was a boom town full of hope, despair, and drama - all played out in a saloon!

You'll learn to make classic stampeder libations, beverages that warmed the hearts of the prospectors, both the lucky and the downtrodden. You will use ingredients straight from the Inn's culinary garden and make two different traditional drinks (with a choice of alcohol or no ­alcohol recipes.) 

As you sample the beverages and nibble on an array of snacks including salmon or cheese quesadillas, halibut mini-­cakes, chips with homemade rhubarb salsa, and reindeer pig-in­-a-blanket, you'll hear stories, ­fact and fiction, ­­ and music played on an upright piano.

Finish with a Prohibition era Shrub and Iceworm toast to your willing or unwilling induction into the great Order of the Sourdough.

What to expect / what's provided

*Duration: 3 hours

*Theatrical presentation

*Tasty appetizer snacks

*Hands-On drink making (alcoholic or non-alcoholic available) of two signature drinks

*Signature saloon glass and handout of drink recipes

*A host of wonderful memories

*Wheelchair accessible

*Minimum age is 16 years; minimum age to sample the beverages is 21 years. Persons under the age of 21 must be accompanied by their legal guardian aged 21 years or older. Photo ID required.

*Meeting place for this tour is the Historic Skagway Inn lobby on 7th & Broadway St, Skagway AK.

*Tour starts precisely at times shown, so please arrive a few minutes early.

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