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Offered By KetchiWalk Tours In Ketchikan, AK

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About us

Join KetchiWalk Tours on a fun-filled adventure great for the whole family! Enjoy your day at Salmon University where you'll learn about the history of salmon, why Ketchikan is called the Salmon Capital Of The World, and why salmon tastes so great!

What we'll do

It's facts, humor, games, prizes, food and more on the Ultimate Salmon Tour!

You’ll immediately have photo opportunities with our mascot, “Chinook” and a chance to soak in the atmosphere.

Then make yourself at home in our family style theater/dining hall where the real fun begins. You’ll be regaled with trivia, history and colorful stories as your culinary experience commences.

During your educational experience you will be treated to 5 different types of salmon prepared in various ways for your enjoyment, both a cold and hot plate will be served. On the menu are five different types of salmon prepared in a variety of ways for your pleasure.

While enjoying these freshly caught delights, you’ll learn about the 5 species of pacific salmon, where they were caught and the hard-working fishing families who caught them. You will learn about each one of the salmon types with all of the fun interesting details and how each species have a unique impact on Alaska and the rest of the world.

Your experience culminates with an opportunity for shopping, more photos and a chance to visit our onsite bakery. You’ll walk away from this experience a confirmed salmon expert!

After receiving a passing grade during our Salmon University education, you will receive a book, mug, salmon candy, and special salmon photo to add to your memory collection.

What to expect / what's provided

*Duration: 60 minutes

*Each group is seated in a private dining room (16 or more)

*You will receive one cold plate served with 3 types of smoked salmon, dip, and sourdough slices and one hot dish of our award winning smoked salmon chowder & broiled salmon steak and a dessert of 8oz zebra chocolate covered popcorn

*Youth can be served a special chicken menu or grilled cheese on sourdough bread; vegetarian and non-seafood options available upon prior notification

*Handicap accessible including restrooms

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be made to any guest who fails to show up for an excursion departure at the designated time and place, or who leaves, or otherwise does not use all of the services scheduled to be provided by an excursion. Most excursions will operate in a variety of weather conditions, and no refunds will be made to any guest who chooses not to participate in a departing excursion due to weather conditions.