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By Back Alley Rock Shop

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From Back Alley Rock Shop,
Skagway, AK



Enjoy this beautiful jade whale tail necklace with jade clasps, a symbol of continuity and connection.
The whale, in many cultures, is seen as a symbol of good luck, speed, strength, freedom and joy within. Whales are considered sacred in Native American cultures like the Tlingit and Haida tribes who see whales as a symbol of strength and speed. 
Wear your whale tail necklace as a reminder that you have the control and power within yourself to accomplish what you desire.
Jade is Alaska's official state gem. Alaska has large deposits of this gemstone, including an entire mountain of jade on the Seward Peninsula. With its beauty and wide-ranging expressiveness, jade has held a special attraction for mankind for thousands of years. Since ancient times jade has been a gift to wish good health.
Take a piece of Alaska home with this stunning jade necklace!

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