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Glacier Viewing • Seward • Duration 0.5 Hr

Glacier Landing Helicopter Ride

Offered By Seward Helicopters In Seward, AK

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About us

Seward Helicopter Tours is family-owned and operated. Travis Beals and Sarah Stokey have been running Seward Helicopters since the summer of 2013 and each day ask themselves how they could be so lucky to share such an amazing place with visitors around the world.

Travis and Sarah compete in Alaska's state sport, Dog Sledding, and have both run the 1,000-mile-long Iditarod sled dog race. Besides flying and dog sledding, Travis and Sarah are passionate about hiking, fishing, and paddle boarding across the state of Alaska.

What we'll do

Nothing says Alaska quite like glaciers! Come experience the wonder of nature on our 30 minute glacier landing scenic flight and landing. You will travel through a spellbinding glacier filled valley on the way to your landing where you will have the opportunity to get out at the toe of the glacier, take pictures, and touch glacier ice!

Your tour begins in our office where we will get you properly outfitted for your excursion. We have boots, rain jackets, and even gloves for you to borrow. After you are geared up, it’s time to talk about safety! We pride ourselves on our excellent safety record – and were featured by the Alaskan Division of OSHA for our attentiveness to detail. All our passengers learn about how to safely enter and exit our helicopters as well as the key safety features on board.

We primarily fly Robinson 44 helicopters which have room for three passengers as well as a small backpack or handbag. This means that everyone gets a window seat! If you are part of a larger group, don’t worry! We have multiple helicopters on site and are experts at working with large families and tour groups. We often take large families on this excursion because it is a great opportunity for family photos and to create that one-of-a-kind Alaskan holiday card.

Then, it’s time for take off. If you’ve never flown in a helicopter, you will be amazed by the smoothness of the ride. Helicopters are far more comfortable than planes and our pilots have pinpoint precision as to where they can fly.

Taking off from the airport, you will fly over a beautiful braided river towards Godwin Glacier. As you fly over the bay look for otters and whales. Sometimes, we will see bears and moose in this area. Godwin glacier will astound you — but that’s not where our journey ends. You’ll get to see the toe of Godwin Glacier before we turn into a mountain valley where you will fly by 3 glaciers: Porcupine Glacier, Snake-Tongue Glacier, and Hawk’s Glacier.

This beautiful valley is a great place for family photos. The helicopter will land near the base of one of these three glaciers based on weather, group size, and your preference. When the helicopter lands, our pilots or guides will help snap some photos of you as explore the toe. Pose in front of glacier ice or make a snowball and enjoy the scenic vistas in front of you.

Tour Highlights:
- 15 Minute Helicopter Ride
Our flight to our glacier dog sledding camp takes a beautiful scenic route up Godwin Glacier. Fly over incredible blue glacier ice and by immense waterfalls. On the return trip, fly through a stunning glacier-filled valley. Fly Over Godwin Glacier and See Seward from the Air. See Snake-Tongue, Porcupine Glacier, and Hawk’s Glacier

- 15 Minute Glacier Landing
Land on, next to, or at the toe of a nearby glacier. Where we land depends on the time of year and the stability of the glaciers in the area.

What to expect / what's provided

*Duration: 30 mins.

*We ask you to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure. We advise blocking off approximately 1 hour for this tour.

*Gear We Provide:
We provide rain jackets if needed but advise packing your own for your trip to Alaska. If you have your own raincoat, we ask that you bring it.

*What To Wear:
Please wear sunglasses and dress in layers. We advise wearing a t-shirt followed by layers. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory for optimal experience.

*Booking Tips:
We recommend booking your trip for the first day you are in Seward if you are here for multiple days. If not, make sure to book in the morning. May through mid-August we recommend early morning departures. August through September we recommend mid-morning to early afternoon departures.

- We operated throughout 2020 and flew countless passengers safely.
- Here are some of the many things we are doing to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.
- Guests and pilots will wear masks inside the helicopter. Masks are not required on landings when social distancing can be maintained -- and so you can take photos!
- Helicopter touchpoints are sanitized in between each flight.
- Routine cleaning of all office touchpoints
- Routine cleaning of common touchpoints at our glacier dog sledding camp
- Groups will not be mixed without consent. Consent from groups that a solo traveler looking to add on to must be obtained.

- What type of helicopters do you fly?
We fly Robinson 44 helicopters. They seat 3 passengers plus a pilot. This means that everyone gets a window seat.

- Is there a weight limit for passengers?
Yes. We have a 300lbs weight limit per seat.

- Is there an age limit for passengers?
No. Passengers under 24 months are required to sit on a lap. You must be able to get in and out of the helicopter without assistance unless previously arranged with our office.

-What is the advantage of flying in a helicopter vs. a plane?
Helicopters have incredible maneuverability and are able to quickly turn around or hover in place, ensuring you get an amazing photograph or are able to turn back around if wildlife is spotted.
Helicopters are also able to fly much lower to the ground in case we spot something really interesting. We can also cruise into valleys and explore areas that planes simply could not get to.
Generally speaking, helicopters in the Seward area experience less turbulence because of their ability to change where they fly in the air column.

- What can I expect to see on my scenic flight?
Seward scenic flights provide ample opportunity to see glaciers, look for wildlife, and explore beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park . We frequently see mountain goats, whales, seals, bears, and moose on our flights.

-Do you fly if it is raining?
We fly as long as visibility permits us to do so. We maintain active communication with our glacier dog sledding camp via satellite phone as conditions at 3300′ elevation are often considerably different than at sea level. At times, it may be raining at our airport office but is perfectly sunny at camp.
Our scenic flights generally go out unless there is a considerable amount of cloud coverage or high winds.
We have an impeccable safety record and only fly if the conditions warrant.

Cancellation Policy

*Weather Policy:
- If we cannot fly, there is a full refund. If you have the time, we will work to reschedule your tour. This tour is more weather dependent than some of our other scenic flights as we fly into a mountainous valley.

- We ask that all cancellations be made more than 48 hours in advance to recoup your deposit. That being said, we understand that things happen outside of your control. Our job is to help make your vacation memorable — not stressful — so if something happens and you need to make a last-minute cancellation be honest with us.

- We are owned by two hardworking 30-something-year-olds and we get that life can throw curveballs. Nothing is worse than a vacation gone wrong — we’ve been there! — so be courteous to us, let us know what’s up and we will do our best to help.

*Our COVID-19 Policies:
- We understand that due to Covid-19 travel plans are in flux. That's why we have a worry-free cancellation policy. Cancel your tour any time up to 48-hours before your scheduled departure without penalty.
- If you cancel your trip to Alaska in 2021, you have the option to rebook for 2022 at our 2021 rates. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you.