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Offered By Baranof Fishing In Ketchikan, AK

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20-ft Skiff Charter : $1,150.00
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24-ft Cabin Cruiser Charter : $1,350.00
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30-ft Cabin Cruiser Charter : $1,650.00
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Add family members for dinner (Restaurant Only)
Add family members for dinner (Restaurant Only)
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About us

Be it maple-glazed salmon served on a bed of rice and locally-harvested sea asparagus, crab-stuffed halibut baked with finely sliced onions and garlic, battered and fried lingcod dipped in a homemade tartar sauce, or a pile of prawns grilled to perfection, you’ll find the locals eager to share the bounty of our oceans.

And, trust us: there is nothing—and we mean nothing—that compares to the taste of fresh-caught fish prepared within just hours of the catch.

Most of us will be quick to tell you there is no meal better than the meal you share with friends and family after a long day out fishing.

We doubt you’ll be surprised that here at Baranof Excursions we’re right in culinary step with any good Southeast Alaskan. With us, your fishing experience doesn’t stop after you’ve reeled in your catch. In our opinion, the ultimate denouement of your Alaskan fishing adventure is in savoring the fruits of your labor in an authentic Alaskan dining experience.

We are experts and find enjoyment in taking your fresh fish, putting you in a unique environment, and opening the way for you to break bread with your friends and family.

What we'll do

By chartering your own boat you control your schedule, save money, choose amongst more fishing options and enjoy a 5-star meal featuring your fresh catch.

Our culinary adventures give you a taste of all we have to offer.

Enjoy a genuine Alaskan tradition as you have your catch prepared for you by our chef on a wilderness beach, at sea, or a private table at the Alaska Fish House.

What to expect / what's provided

*Duration: 5-6 hours

*Capacity: 6 people maximum (with options for larger groups)

*Additional $25.00 per person for a one-day fishing license

*We have the socks, boots, full rain gear, and watchman caps, just bring a sweater or light jacket for an extra layer  

*Please call 513-512-5946 to confirm your groups specific departure time and availability.

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