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By Bob Merry

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From Alaskan Fairytales,
Skagway, AK


Alaskan Fairytales,
290 Broadway, Skagway, AK



Pocket ULU folding rocker knife with Dymondwood handle. High quality made in USA 440 stainless steel blade. Locking blade with thumb knob and lanyard attachment.

Dymondwood is Yellow Birch plywood that is dyed and impregnated with resin to make it waterproof and very dense.

These are very usable knives! I use mine for fishing mostly but I also have one in my car for all kinds of uses when I travel. The handles are made with diamond wood so if you have a color preference I will do my best to help you match that up. Please comment to let me know about that request.

Beautiful craftsmanship and quality materials used to craft this knife that was made right here in Alaska. If you would like to see additional pictures or have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us in the chat section or send us an email at [email protected]

The Ulu (pronounced oo-loo) knife is a traditional tool used by Alaskan Natives for thousands of years. The rounded rocker blade makes cutting and chopping simple and easy, even for weak hands.

We source our own handle materials in the arctic each fall and all our materials are 100% sustainable and Made in the USA.

Pocket Ulu dimensions:
1.75″ Blade length
2.50″ Total folded length
3.75″ Total open length

About the Artist:
Bob Merry, as a young boy was passionate about the outdoors and developed a great appreciation of all North American wildlife.

In his early adult life, he was also involved in wildlife management. For the last 30 years, Bob and the Bob Merry family have honed the fine art of hand carving wildlife from many natural materials found in North America.

Traveling the arctic, antlers and horns that have fallen from animals and bone fossils that have been preserved from decay are collected.

Bob Merry’s designs are pure cool genius! All Bob Merry Studio knives are our own designs using the natural antler shapes to make sure each knife handle is ergonomically fit to your hand! Each knife fit, finish, and functionality is our top priorities so you can count on your Bob Merry Studio knife to be your trusty sidekick.

About the Studio:
Bob Merry Studio is Alaska’s premier antler and bone sculpture carvers. The family has been hand carving since the 1990s. We carve full Moose and Caribou antler shovels with beautifully detailed nature depictions including fish and Ungulates from the state of Alaska.

Antlers are extensions of an animal’s skull found in members of the deer family and are regrown each year. Deer are members of the Ungulate class which is a diverse clade of primarily large mammals with hooves. Each set of antlers is as unique as the animal that grew them, like human fingerprints. Once they are discarded by shredding, we pick them up to turn them into something tangible and appealing for you. Antlers grow from the tip and are composed of bone yet have some differences, but by nature, antlers are generally tougher and more flexible than bone. We are forever grateful for our animal friends in nature who grow and share these desirable dense materials with us.

In the studio, the Bob Merry family selects the medium and quality necessary for each product. Our products include knives, chopping boards, carvings, and pendants.

Natural Renewable Resources:
The Merry Family has been traveling to the Northern Arctic for more than 20 years. These Amazing trips to collect Moose and Caribou Antler can last three to four weeks in the bush. The Antler that they collect will be used in the handles and carvings made by B.Merry Studios. Bob Merry and his team are the largest suppliers of natural handle Ulu knives in the State of Alaska as well as the World. The Ulu is the iconic native utility knife made in over 30 different styles.