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By Alaska Ruff

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From Alaska Ruff,
Wasilla, AK



Alaska Ruff beer barley treats are the perfect blend of beer barley from a local brewery, pure coconut MCT oil, apples, and peanut butter.

Hemp CBD Infused with Apple + Peanut Butter treats are packed with vitamins and nutrients for your dog with a wonderfully sweet, nutty smell. The beer barleys' process allows for easier digestion and an increase in trace nutrients. While the pure coconut MCT oil combined with the apple and peanut butter provides vitamins and support to your dog's skin, fur, brain, and joint health.

A healthy treat to support a healthy dog lifestyle handmade with the finest locally sourced ingredients.

- Barley Spent Grain (BSG/Beer Barley)
- Oat Flour
- Pure Coconut MCT Oil
- Peanut Butter
- Dehydrated Apples
- Mat-Su Co-Op Eggs
- Ground Golden Flaxseed
- Pure Rosemary Extract
- 99.9% Cannabidiol Isolate

Large Treats are 5mg/treat with 40 treats in each 6 oz. bag.
Small Treats is 2.5mg/treat with 40 treats in each 3 oz. bag.

~ Large treats and small treats recommended dosage is 1 - 4 treat/s a day or 20 minutes prior to physical/stressful activity.

~ If your dog is showing signs of discomfort, additional treats may be necessary.

~ Remember, you know your dog best and if something will work for them or not. Our treats do not have adverse effects if your pup eats too many... Well, maybe a little upset tummy due to the rich ingredients. And starting out less is always best. Happy Wholesomeness.