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By Juneau Arts & Humanities Council

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From Juneau Arts & Humanities Council,
Juneau, AK


Juneau Arts & Humanities Council,
350 Whittier St, Juneau, AK



Are you looking to take home a piece of Juneau or Alaska with you? Look no further than these beautifully-scented Alpenglow candles, small batch, hand-poured in Juneau, Alaska. These candles are the perfect size for sampling new scents, sending as gifts, or packing in for multi-day treks.  With a 25-30 hour burn time, these little fellas still pack a big punch.
Alpenglow Candle Company is Juneau’s small batch, hand-poured candlemaker.  Each scent is curated to recreate the olfactory experience of high adventure in Southeast Alaska.  From mountains and glaciers, to forest and sea, Southeast AK is a rich and bountiful environment that will forever connect to anyone who visits this place.  Smell is the sense most closely tied to memory, so naturally an Alpenglow candle is the perfect way to bring the essence of Southeast into your home.
Alpenglow Candle Co. products are handcrafted utilizing a specially natural soy wax blend ideal for the wet, cool environment of Southeast Alaska.  We use only premium quality fragrance oil and metal-free, cotton-core wicks to ensure a clean and even burn.  To maximize the life of your candle and ensure a quality experience, please follow these recommendations when burning your candle:

On first use, burn at least 45 minutes to 90 minutes; trim wick to 1/4" after each use; discontinue use when 1/4" of wax remains.
 Scented candles that come in either 7 oz or 3.2 oz jars.