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Alaskana Botanicals

Alaskana Botanicals is the fruition of a longtime alchemist who wildcrafts and heals in Southeast Alaska. She and her partner, Greg, spend many an hour seeking wild plants to create an all natural line of products. Three generations of family help to harvest, create and package all. OVER 45 YEARS OF ALCHEMY Jan Parrish has been working with herbal remedies since her teens. Her passion for gathering plants began as a child with her grandmother who was an herbalist back in Wisconsin. Jan has practiced Chinese acupuncture and herbal/nutritional medicine for over 30 years. She made her first batch of chickweed salve at the age of 20. That darn stuff invaded her garden like wildfire and after adding it to salads, stir frys, and smoothies she tried her hand at salve making and was hooked! During her acupuncture training in the 80's she made and sold salves to supplement her household. Over the years Jan realized there was a public need for effective, pure, and potent body products and also the need to keep a dying art alive, hence the birth of Alaskana Botanicals in 2007. Alaskana Botanicals is dedicated to creating all natural Alaskan products minus the chemicals. Jan goes to great lengths to find and use high quality natural oils and ingredients. All products are small batch produced in our Southeast Alaska kitchen. Herbal ingredients are wild crafted and also organically grown in our home gardens. From our home to yours, we invite you to experience these healing products to share with family and friends!

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