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By Aurora Chocolate

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From Aurora Chocolate,
Anchorage, AK


Aurora Chocolate,
300 E Dimond Blvd, Ste 202, Anchorage, AK



Enjoy these delectable hand-painted fine chocolates from Alaska! Made of the finest ingredients by master chocolatier, Ingrid Shim, these delectable treats are the perfect gift for any chocolate lover in your life!

You will receive an assortment of chocolates with the following varieties:

*cherry confit & balsamic vinegar
*passion fruit, caramelized
*salted butter caramel
*caramelized pear with saffron
*lime and yogurt
*Yuzu (mild citrus)
*floral earl grey tea
*orange gran marnier
*raspberry rosewater
*strawberry confit & lemon ginger

Our 5-piece box is a 5 row single layer box of 5 hand-pained chocolate pieces.

We don't use eggs, which means you can keep at room temperature 2~3 weeks without seeing any differences. Like all chocolate, please avoid temperatures over 75°F, as our chocolate may lose it's shine and color. However, cocoa butter will keep in proper condition under 70° F.

*Please note, in the summertime, we ship only to cooler areas; if day time high temperatures are over 65°F, please wait until it's cooler to place your order.

*Please note we ship anywhere in the US via FedEx 2-day shipping Monday - Wednesday. Due to the sensitivity of the product, it should not be left outside, especially in warm weather. Should the temperature in the recipient’s area be of concern, an ice pack will be included.

About Chef Ingrid

Inspired by Alaska's beautiful northern lights, these colorful chocolates were created and hand-painted by Chef Ingrid and her associates in Anchorage, Alaska.

Early in her career, Ingrid learned the practice of making the finest chocolate from 5 of the world's top master chocolatiers in France. Later, she became the head-chocolatier at the Hotel SLS in Beverly Hills, California.

Each flavor chocolate is hand-crafted with precision and great care, using only the finest of ingredients.

The unique aspect of these chocolates, which separates them from others you may sample, is that each individual chocolate is brush painted by hand (and not airbrushed.) Similar to an artist creating a masterpiece, no two pieces are alike.

Using colored cocoa butter to create the shiny colors that mirror the northern lights, these chocolates are not sugar-coated.

They are finished to perfection through proper use of temperature control during the coloring process.

The chocolate tempering process is very time-intensive and requires intense focus. Each time a color is painted on the mold, the chocolate must be put into the refrigerator to dry, or the next color in the layer will mix improperly. When the mold is taken out of the refrigerator, it is dry but too cold for the next color and must wait until warm to add the next layer of color.

However, if too much time elapses, the temperature will be 1 or 2 degrees too high, and the chocolates must be chilled again before progressing to the next color.

If there is an error in the chocolate making process and the temperature is not exact, the chocolate will be flawed and that batch must be removed from production.

This is the chocolate tempering process.

Most of our flavors have 3 or 4 colors, which means we refrigerate our chocolate 7 or 8 times before a batch is considered complete.

Each time, the temperature must be just perfect and it takes the eye of a true connoisseur to understand the delicacy of the chocolate making process.

Aurora Chocolate offers some of the finest chocolates available anywhere in the world.