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By Juneau Arts & Humanities Council

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From Juneau Arts & Humanities Council,
Juneau, AK


Juneau Arts & Humanities Council,
350 Whittier St, Juneau, AK



Are you in the mood for octopus? Now you can enjoy Alaska's very own Ric Pruett's Blue Ribbon smoked octopus!
Pacific Octopus, locally sourced from our hometown fishing fleet. Lightly smoked and jarred. Perfect for nibbling straight from the jar, making Octopus Dip using your favorite Salmon Dip recipe and rolling in Sushi. You can even add the leftover juice to a Bloody Mary for a delightful flavor enhancement.
Pruett’s figured out that to make the best octopus, the key is to not overdo anything. He only smokes it for about an hour, and he doesn’t oversalt it either.

As a result, the octopus has more of a hint of salt with a smoky finish instead of tasting like it was just in a bonfire. The taste and texture are akin to smoked crab and smoked oysters, and the biggest surprise is how tender the meat is. Those who have eaten octopus before will recall that the meat can be a bit (or more than a bit) chewy. Pruett’s product is so tender that even the ends of the tentacles — which Pruett says are the best pieces — almost fall apart in your mouth as you chew.

"I have made so many converts because of the fact that it has such a great texture,” Pruett said, "and it’s not … oversalted and it’s not oversmoked,” Pruett said.
Available in 6.5 ounce jar (184 grams.)
Refrigerate after opening.
Contents: octopus, salt, brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, smoke.