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By Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co.

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From Harbor Tea & Spice,
Juneau, AK


Harbor Tea & Spice,
175 S Franklin Street Suite 105, Juneau, AK



The Sitka Spruce tree is native to the Coastal Rainforest of the Northwest. For generations, the tips have been used as a natural ingredient in syrup, jam, beer, and now sea salt. Our Sitka Spruce TIP FLAKE SEA SALT is made by infusing the hand-picked, bright green spring Spruce tips into our light salt flakes. Nothing else is added. With distinct citrus and herbal flavor, it pairs well with seafood, chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, and even popcorn.

NET WT: 4 oz

About Alaska Pure Sea Salt :
We spent years developing and fine-tuning our process combining both science and artistry that eventually resulted in beautiful, light, pyramidal salt flakes.  In 2007, we were happy to produce North America’s first flake sea salt. Equally delicious on both sweet and savory dishes,   Alaska Pure sprinkled on food just prior to eating, heightens the flavor and adds a gentle pleasing crush that blends and melts as it hits your palate.  Use less salt while cooking, yet still, season your dish to your taste.

Located in the coastal rain forest that reaches Oregon to Alaska, Sitka is the wildest corner of the Pacific Northwest.   Alaska Pure Sea Salt is handcrafted from the pristine waters surrounding Sitka.  These waters are the lifeblood of this isolated fishing community.  Accessible only by boat or plane, Sitka relies upon the Pacific Ocean for our fish, our jobs, and our identity.  The waters sustain our community and it's important to us that Alaska Pure Sea Salt is as extraordinary as its source.

Our salts begin as seawater and nothing else is added.  It’s simple. It’s clean.

We still make our salt in Sitka, Alaska using only water from Sitka Sound with no additives or added chemicals.  We eventually opened a brick-and-mortar store in Sitka that has allowed us to not only help educate people about good salt but also meet all of our loyal customers.  There, we continue to add small-batch seasonal salt flavors, salt cellars, salted goodies made by local artisans and have expanded to bath items.  Alaska Pure is created with a passion for great food, wild places, pristine water, and of course, each other.  We hope you enjoy our salt with as much enthusiasm as we have for producing it.

- Where does your sea salt come from?
All of our sea salt starts as Sitka Sound seawater. We are pulling from depths below the surface with minimal turbulence. 

- Do you use artificial flavors in your sea salt?
Absolutely not! We only use all-natural flavors and ingredients in our sea salts. All of our sea salts only contain natural ingredients.

- Are there chemical additives in your sea salt?
No! We do not put any chemicals or anti-caking agents into our sea salts.

- Are your sea salts gluten-free?
Yes, all of our sea salts are gluten-free.