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By Alaska Mist Soaps

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From Harbor Tea & Spice,
Juneau, AK



Enjoy this all-natural and healing devil's club body soap from the rainforest of Southeast Alaska! Try it today; we can't recommend it enough!

Our soap is100% natural and chemical FREE! Our Devil's Club soap is unlike most you will find because we do not add any additional essential oils to mask the original rich earthy smell. It has a woodsy, grass, and tree smell. This causes a natural green color. Most people say they like the organic smell. I personally wild craft the Devil's Club oils with a lot of painstaking efforts.

Handmade Soap Care: To help your handmade soap last as long as possible, keep in a well-drained soap dish and allow to dry between uses. If left standing in water or in a direct stream of water, the lifespan of the bar will be shortened.

4 oz. Bar

Please remember that handmade soap will always be a one of a kind bar.

The devil's club or devil’s walking stick (Oplopanax Horridus) is a woody stemmed shrub, covered with small thorns, large leaves, and red berries. It is commonly found in the rainforest of Southeast Alaska. Alaska Natives have been using the Devil's Club plant for thousands of years. It is a member of the ginseng family and is also known as "Alaska Ginseng”.

Can be used for: arthritis, muscular aches and pain, sore back, hips, knees, shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, skin rashes from diaper rash to eczema, burns, cuts, chapped skin and lips, bed sores, bruises and insect bites.

Ingredients: Wild Crafted Devil's Club infused in Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Alaska Rain Water, & Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Vitamin E Oil

You will receive an informational card about the Devil's Club, along with a "Made in Alaska " authorization stamp on each package. A little bit goes a long way.

Information about this product is not FDA approved. The statements regarding this product are not a diagnoses for treatment, cure, or intended to say it will prevent skin disorders. Please use this salve in a small area of your skin to test reaction before continued use. Consult your physician for any questions or concerns prior to use.

Proudly made in Alaska by Alaska Mist Soaps.

Alaska Mist Soaps is a small family business snuggled in the heart of Southeast Alaska's rainforest on Prince of Wales Island. Our commitment to quality and true artisan design is the foundation of our family operated business. Ingredients are carefully selected, researched and tested before we allow them to be used and approved to carry our name.
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