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By Alaska Black Petrified Wood

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From Lynch & Kennedy,
Skagway, AK



Enjoy a piece of Alaskan history with a gift for yourself or loved one!

Alaska black petrified wood dates back to 25 million years ago from the Aleutian Islands and is a remnant of the monumental Dawn Redwood trees (meta-Sequoia and Sequoia trees) which grew up to 200 feet tall. Toppled and engulfed by volcanic mudflows, the organic material of these ancient trees was slowly replaced by minerals and traces of precious metals.

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum Millesimal fineness of 925.

One-of-a-kind. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

Jewelry designed by local artist Rosemary Libert, who lives in Skagway, Alaska.



All pieces of petrified wood are hand-cut to fit the jewelry design then properly shined using 6 different jewelry polishing wheels. Because Alaskan black petrified wood found is extremely rare and one-of-a-kind you will receive the product pictured with very slight variations in veining. All jewelry is backed by the manufacturer.

If this item is not in stock our jeweler will make it in 4-6 weeks and ship it straight to your door.