Polar Treats is a three generation female-run year-round deli and café in Ketchikan. Twyla Ingle opened Polar Treats in 1996 after she noticed a need for a fun new restaurant in Ketchikan. In 2000, Twyla’s mother, Angelina, took over the business when Twyla moved out of the area with the inspiration to travel and see the world outside of her hometown.
Angelina Ingle is the owner of Polar Treats, a local coffee and sandwich shop in Ketchikan, Alaska

Today, three generations of Alaskan-native Ingles women all help run the popular coffee and sandwich shop Polar Treats.

Even though Twyla sold the business, she still makes guest appearances every time she visits Ketchikan helping to feed the hungry line of locals. Twyla’s daughters, Becca and Kathryn, joined the Polar Treats crew as freshmen in high school to earn extra spending money and Becca still works there today (Becca, her cousin Catherine, and Angelina tag-team the busy lunch rushes).

Today, the menu includes a diverse selection of custom wraps, paninis and sandwiches, smoothies, ice cream, and espresso. Becca’s favorite lunch sandwich is the turkey pesto wrap, even though Angelina is adamant that "everything we do is special!” Another popular choice is the Littly Italy panini, which is just as delicious as it sounds with ham, salami, black olives, onions, and olive oil – hand-pressed by Angelina of course!

If you're in the mood for french toast without having french toast, I recommend you try their french toast breakfast sandwich - unbelievably tasty and warmed to perfection. 

Becca’s favorite part of working at Polar Treats is the diverse group of people that stop by for coffee and a sandwich. "We really have a good time talking to people and I absolutely love being able to spend so much time with my grandma and cousin,” she says lovingly. Polar Treats welcomes plenty of local regulars as well as those passing through.

As if this close-knit bunch doesn’t get enough of each other at work, the enterprising female business owners also love to spend time together outside of the restaurant, assuming they aren’t too tired. They enjoy camping and going to Settler’s Cove beach (North of Ketchikan) when the weather is nice.

Although Angelina "lives and breathes Polar Treats” (in her own words), she loves to travel to see her sisters during Alaska’s off-season between October and March. Recently, she’s traveled to Wrangell and Petersburg, Alaska as well as Silverdale, Washington to see her siblings.

After almost two decades of owning the restaurant, Angelina has no plans to retire. As she loves to say, "what would I do if I didn’t work!?” Becca adds, "plus we all get to hang out and spend time with each other, so it’s a win-win!”

As a Ketchikan staple, Polar Treats is a go-to for both locals and vacationers. Angelina can be found in the back making sandwiches during rush hour so make sure you say hi to her and Becca while you’re there!