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By Iditarod Trail Committee

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From The Iditarod,
Wasilla, AK


The Iditarod,
2100 S. Knik-Goose Bay Road, Wasilla, AK



For eons, nomadic peoples have traversed the iconic Iditarod Trail. Many sought and fought newer more bountiful ways of life. Iditarod XLVIII brought to light the resilience and compassion of the First Peoples of Alaska who live on the Iditarod Trail and found themselves preparing for the beginning of what quickly became a global pandemic (COVID-19)

As that drama unfolded another tale took shape, and the rest of the world watched as the only event that continued on and persevered crowned a new champion from Norway and welcomed the last musher to arrive under the burled arch of Nome with the Red Lantern.

The Iditarod Insider was there to capture it all... and like the Iditarod Trail, the tale continues!